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Nann Miller

I have used a Macomber 8-shaft 48" B4 for over 50 years--20 of those as a production weaver.  Alden Amos timed our weaving speed at a shot every second to 1-1/4 seconds, so speed isn't the issue.  The hooks do not fly off.  During the last 10 years, I have moved to a 16-shaft B5 and the hooks still don't fly off.  I also weave on a 24" 8-shaft Baby Mac, and I don't have issues there either. I work in a weaving studio with 5 other 4- or 8-shaft B4s and they don't have problems. Each of these looms uses a different size Super-Hook and I am careful not to mix the hooks up.

I wonder if you are centering the hook directly over the treadle?  Are you making certain the hooks are the correct size for the loom and number of shafts on the loom?  As you install (or remove the hooks) do you check them to see that they aren't splayed at the top where it bends back?

Nann Miller

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I have not found this to be a problem on any macombers I have used. I have only woven on full size mac not baby macs so that might make the difference. I am a production weaver and like the macs because they are faster than my avl.

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Part of the problem with the treadle hooks on Macomber looms is treadling technique. This loom likes the treadles to be released slowly rather than just rapidly lifting the foot off the treadle and letting the shafts drop. Other looms seem not to be bothered this way. If the treadling is gentile the loom behaves better.


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