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Virginia Glenn

HI Sandra - We have a guild member who is originally from Argentina and this is the info she gave me before my visit to BA.  

Hi Virginia, You will probably find out just as much as I or my husband Luis can suggest, being that we just went to visit family this last January. We have not played the tourists for over 8 to 9 years.

Places you may be interested in:   1. Cementerio La Recoleta, Evita use to be here, but my husband just told me  that she has been moved to be with Peron  * she still has a tomb there - and people are visiting - not sure where the body is
2. La Recoleta neighborhood
3. Caminito
4. San Telmo (I believe that the antique market is on the weekends)
5. Palermo ( They use to have an art fair, not sure when)
6. MALBA   Art Museum
7. Museo de Bellas Artes

I would definitely check with your hotel and or a tourist agency if you are working with one. 

Have a safe and wonderful time, Maria

And later I found this -

We were there for a week and I didn’t see much in the way of textiles.  We visited Rancho Santa Susana on a tour and there were a couple of textiles on exhibit there. If you’re at all interested in the Gaucho culture I’d do that tour.   I also happened upon an exhibit of handwoven Argentine textiles in a small shop when walking from the Recoleta cemetery to a fascinating bookstore called El Ataneo ( The bookstore is worth the visit.  When I asked the person in charge of the textile exhibit if they were woven by indigenous weavers he refused to use the word indigenous. From what I’ve learned, they don’t really acknowledge that they have much of an indigenous population.  I’m bilingual so the conversation was all in Spanish - so no misunderstandings.  Cultural commentary - Maria agreed.

We booked tours through Gray Line Argentina, Context travel and Viator - all were great.  I’m jealous of your trip and can’t wait to go back.  
And if you can visit Mendoza - for the wines - do it.  

Port Stanley is in the Falklands - which are the Malvinas according to the Argentines.  Remember the Falklands war and Britain.  They don’t think it’s settled.  I did buy some lovely hand spun wool there.  Someone told me that they only accepted British pounds in the Falklands so I changed money in BA. But they were wrong - they accepted dollars and euros and I ended having to spend the extra pounds so I bought wool.  Of course being “forced” to buy yarn doesn’t take much.  

Have a wonderful trip - Virginia


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Hello, all,

Is there anyone on this list who lives in Buenos Aires, Port Stanley, or Santiago? We will be on a Viking cruise in February, with brief stops in those 3 cities (scenic cruising the rest of the time ).



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