Re: Wormy Chenille

Pat Bullen

Years ago, Ruth Lantz a guild member, was at a dinner engagement and her best friend was wearing
one of "It's A Ruth" handwoven business suit prototypes.  During the course of dinner, worms sprang out
all over the upper portion of her latest design.  She ended up having to hand reweave a different yarn into
everywhere the worms crawled out.  It made for levity for our meeting but cost her a lot of headache
and profit.  To this day I remember her mixed warps -- at least 30 colors and different yarns to create
marvelous fabrics.  Each garment was woven with a different color and each looked totally appropriate
to the design.  You had to look hard to realize they were all from the same warp.  Never had a problem
since with silk or cotton chenille, but acrylic and rayon needs sett very close and pack the hell out of it.

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