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Margaret Welch

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I think you’re addressing at least two issues. Getting rid of the icon identifying WIF files, and how WIF files are handled by those to whom you send them.

I can’t help with the issue of the icon on your system, but I don’t think it’s attached to the file itself and doesn’t travel with the file when you send it.

As far as recipients not knowing how to open WIF files is concerned, that’s an issue related to their systems, not the file you sent. In order to open WIFs by clicking on the file, in Fiberworks or any other weave design program, their systems have to associate the WIF extension with a specific program. And how to accomplish that is different for different OS. Until that’s accomplished, clicking on a WIF will result in the file opening in a text program. WIF files are text.

PS Feel free to send me a WIF that you’re system shows with ProWeave icon, and I’ll report what my systems (Windows and Mac) see.

Marg Coe

On Nov 20, 2019, at 7:09 AM, Denise <dkovn@...> wrote:

Hello weavers! Thanks so much for everyone's contributions to this informative group. I'm writing to ask if anyone has any experience with a problem I've encountered with ProWeave weaving software.

Background: I downloaded ProWeave but I can't remember if I purchased it or I was using the demo version. (I suspect I purchased it, but it probably doesn't matter for this issue.) I have a Mac, by the way. I share many of my WIF files with weavers who read my blog or take my workshops. I always send them Fiberworks files because that is the program most weavers use.

I realized a few months ago that ProWeave somehow hijacks every WIF on my computer, removes the Fiberworks logo, and puts its own logo on the file. So first I uninstalled ProWeave -- because every time I clicked on a WIF, the file opened in ProWeave and I prefer Fiberworks. That did not solve the problem. Even now, after I uninstalled ProWeave, when I create a new WIF, it has the ProWeave logo!

The bigger issue: When I share WIFs, my students who use Fiberworks can't open them because their computers don't recognize them. For a while I was instructing people to "right click" and open the dropdown menu that says "Open with" and then click on Fiberworks. It's not a good solution, mainly because lots of people aren't that computer savvy and it's also time consuming.

Plus, on my own computer, I have to go to EVERY SINGLE WIF and change the icon from ProWeave to Fiberworks. I have hundreds of WIFs on my computer at this point and I haven't yet found a way to change all of the icons in one fell swoop. (More background here: My husband is a computer expert who was manager of project security at Xerox for many years and now works as a consultant in the field. He has helped me find answers to the problem but he is still looking for a way to do a "blanket sweep" of all the ProWeave icons.)

Can anyone tell me how to do this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Denise Kovnat

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