Re: Megado dobby 2.0 file problem solved

Sally Breckenridge

The problem with WIF files is that the original specification was very vague and put the onus on the reader.  It makes it more difficult for the programs to read wif because the writer can specify just about anything.  At the time in 1996, I complained to Ravi about that as I was a compiler writer in my career, but I was a newbie in the weaving software world and was ignored.  Now we all pay the price.

iWeaveIt for IOS and Android, and WeaveIt Pro for the Mac all use WIF format as the native format for the program.  This is because its easier on users to not have to make sure files are saved in that format.  The reason binary formats were used in the '90s was because computers were much slower then.   I have encountered no issues using WIF as the native format. Its small and portable.

Since iWeaveIt tends to be a reader for all versions of WIF from different programs, I have had to pay attention to how all the different programs write the wif files.  The biggest areas of issue are the multiple allowed formats for color.  Another problem is that many programs write the wif file as a lift plan rather than treadling.  WeaveIt writes both for those programs that need only lift plan. I know from my users that the generic Louet loom driver has difficultly reading the wifs that are written by WeaveIt.   Since the problem is on the reader side (Louet program), I don't know what it is.  My Louet users use the embedded Louet driver that's in the Windows version of WeaveIt and that works well from the reports I have had.  I have notified Louet about it, but there is nothing I can do on my side since I don't know what the issue is.   I suspect that Fiberworks has the same issue.   Bob and I share files to make sure we can always exchange them.  I also use a number of Pixeloom files and WeavePoint files to make sure they are being read by WeaveIt and iWeaveIt.  I know that the AVL k-loom driver easily reads my WeaveIt wif files as I am using that every day.

It would be nice to change the format, but it is so embedded in programs and drivers and it took 20 years for that to happen, so  it is going to be nearly impossible to change it.  I myself have 4 weaving applications on 4 different operating systems using 4 different programming languages.  It would be an daunting task to change it.   It would be better if the programs work together to solve any current bugs.

Sally Breckenridge

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