Re: Megado dobby 2.0 file problem solved

Deanna Johnson

WIF files are plain text, so any problems probably have to do with different programs using the protocol in different ways (ie. one program includes color information, another doesn’t read that section.) I’m guessing ALL of the programs can read the files, it’s just that they aren’t all using the same conventions. So one program may not save certain types of information, and another may require it.

So does “obsolete format” mean that the developers have decided to no longer coordinate their efforts?


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Frankly, I’m not technically knowledgeable to respond to this. It is more that programs/programmers are having problems, not necessarily weavers. WIF uses an obsolete format that went out with Windows 3.1. It’s difficult for some programs to read WIF files developed in a different program. Etc.

It has long been recommended that we save files in the native format of the program we are using.

I’m doing better, but I still have a ton of files to re-save.


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Marge, what are the problems that people are having with WIF files?
I have a lot of them that I have gotten from various sources, and I
convert them to Weavepoint files as I use them. If there is a problem
with them being stable I should probably take the time to convert
everything I think I'll want to use..


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