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Elizabeth Moncrief

While living in CO, I purchased a large and heavy table loom made by a woodworker by the name of Gordon.  He specialized in looms to accommodate folks with varying mental and physical abilities.  
The levers on this loom were actually large sized cupping handles that were extremely easy to grip, even if you were incapable of gripping.

I gave the loom to a friend who was teaching children’s groups. I know that it has since passed on to someone else.   I’d be happy to share a photo of this loom, and if the current owner is out there, it would be great to have an update.  

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Your work with the adult with the handicapped hand was of interest to me. I have been researching the use of looms during world i and World War II in physical therapy. 
           Looms were used in all of our veteran hospitals. Floor Looms were modified depending on injury
        There were also table looms modified to go over beds. Levers were customized depending on the injury   
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