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Thank you so much, Diane!  :+)
 I have a library of books on looms of all makes, models and mechanisms, and of course weaving instruction, etc.  What I was asking for was an assembly manual for the Cherryville, so your information below is very helpful.  I suspected that it was a small and not-well-known maker. The Canadian weaver thought that I might have a manual, so this answers our query. 

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Cherryville was a pretty small manufacturer that was mostly out of the owner's home workshop. So, if there was a manual it is likely to be the assembly-only manual that Sara refers to. Even big manufacturers mostly only produce this style of manual. 

That said, its a pretty standard Scandinavian-style loom, so only of the detailed Scandanavian weaving books will be a superior manual to anything that might have come with it. 


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I see this so often, that weavers purchasing a used loom are "looking for
the manual" for a specific brand or model. Unfortunately, over time, many,
if not most loom makers have delivered assembly instructions with the looms,
but not much more. I have many times sent people what was originally
available for the loom they now have, only to have the response be "I was
expecting a lot more". Unless the loom in question is some type of specialty
loom that is hard to understand, once the weaver has it properly assembled,
knowing how to warp the loom and weave on it comes from that weaver's
weaving education, not from a "manual" that might have come with the loom.

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