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Elizabeth Moncrief

Thanks for your replies and suggestions that I can find the information in books.  I have any number of books including the Osterkamp series and all of them detail the operation of the CB with horses, so I understand the mechanics pretty well. 
This person is simply asking for a manual for her loom so I’m hoping that someone out there might have one tucked away. Thanks again for your suggestions.  I knew that if there were a manual out there somewhere, this group would know.   Liz 

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Friends, this may be a bit out of your wheelhouse and  I realize that a CB loom may be too basic to ask this group, but I’m trying to assist someone in Canada with her loom - via long distance emails.  She has a Cherryville CB loom and desperately wants a manual for it.  The loom has horses rather than rollers or pulleys.  I’m hoping that someone out there will know how to obtain a manual or have a good manual for a standard CB with horses.  I’ve tried Janet Meany and she doesn’t have one to fit. Both of us would be grateful.  Thanks for your time. Liz

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