Re: Louet Kombo/Jane harness cord

Margaret Welch

I use miniblind cord.   Meg Welch

On Feb 25, 2019, at 2:11 PM, w6n5w5auwvdkm3v7hoz2yq7mgn7j2ge2ukax6q23@... [WeaveTech] <WeaveTech@...> wrote:


I need to replace the cords suspending the harnesses on my Kombo. I have already replaced them once with the thickest cotton warp yarn I could find. That, unfortunately, was not sturdy enough and has worn out after one warp. 

I have tried messaging Louet North America, with no response. 

Does anyone know what kind of cord Louet uses and how to get it, or is sturdy enough for this use?

The Kombo is the older sister of the Jane, so any information for the Jane would also apply.

Debbie Kaplan

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