Re: Ex Sectional Beam

Louise Yale

You mention "sticks."

Finished pieces of wood? Thick? Thin??

I use finished wood dowels to pack in the warp. They separate the layers
without much weight. Weaving proceeds smoothly.

Many years ago I was in a class where the only packing material for the
warp were planks of wood. The wood pieces weighted down the
warp...ultimately not successful.

The wood dowels are 3/8 inch to 1/2 inch in diameter, 36 - 48 inches long.
Have purchased them in craft stores, hardware stores and model airplane

Louise in NorCal

I have a Baby Mac that had a sectional beam that I converted to a
plain beam by pulling the steel pegs out. It is made of 1x2 boards in
an x cross section, the way many sectional beams are. I converted it
because my sectional warping equipment is upstairs in my studio in the
barn, not in the house, where the loom is. Since I did this, I have
had consistent problems with tension. I have done several warps of
different materials, carefully wound and beamed under tension, as
usual, and had tension issues with the edges, which I have not had
with any other loom, sectional or plain. I have used paper, sticks,
sticks and paper. My suspicion is the problem is that the beam does
not support the warp sufficiently. Has anyone else seen this happen?
Any other ideas about what the problem is? I have finished several
sectional warps without issues.
Sandra in really windy, nasty Michigan

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