Re: Drawdown comparison

P George

Thanks Sarah….

The draft also turned out the same on Weavemaker, as a 32 straight draw.

Simulation looks same on both sides, but with different pattern direction…so it should be correct for double width when opened!




Date: Monday, February 18, 2019 at 5:47 PM
Subject: RE: [WeaveTech] Drawdown comparison



Here is one of the files - that wanted 40 shafts. I put it into Weavepoint,
turned the draft, went for the "straight threading" feature and this came
up. It also needed to be a liftplan format, but if you have 32 shafts, you
have a dobby and use a liftplan.
I displayed the fabric option as double cloth and your structure is correct
- Though I'm sewing right now (taking a break cause I don't like to do it)
and should get back. You'd need to double check that the open double width
goes in the correct dfirection on both sides.

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