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Does anyone know if Nadine Sanders is still around? I know she doesn't do regularly-scheduled Scotland tours anymore, but I emailed her in case she might be planning one some time in the next year or two but haven't had a response.



On 12/27/18 7:22 PM, Holly holly@... [WeaveTech] wrote:
Well, never thought I'd be one to post a travel opportunity and ask for
fiber destinations, but here it is - our son gave us blank tickets for
any dates in 2019 that we want to fly to Edinburgh and back again.
I'm definitely planning to go to the Shetland Islands (we used to raise
Shetland sheep). Other than that, archaeological digs, music, and FIBER
of all sorts - well, wool fiber anyway :)
Feel free to email privately, <holly@...> if you have
suggestions that don't actually have weaving in them.
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