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Mark Grigalunas

How cool ... We have been on Lisio tours twice within the past 3 years. It’s an amazing place and I subscribe to their beautifully published magazine. By the way ... Happy New Year! Chris and I just returned from a holiday, 18 day tour with friends ... London (Anni Anlbers at the Tate ... awesome), Cape Town tours, 3 days of Safari, 3 days at Victoria Falls, and then back to London for 2 1/2 days,  ... “Fashioned by Nature” at the V&A ... mind blowing!  ... and then home. Just returned this past Friday and spent the weekend in Millbrook to Recover. Headed to NC tomorrow. Have never been away for 18 days! Definitely leaves a new impression of the world ... retirement looks nicer and nicer. By the way, what do we need to do to get together? Weekends look open and we make a nice fire ... sleep overs are welcome. Take a look at calendars and let us know what might work. Too much time has gone by. It’s time to reconnect!

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This is the most comprehensive book on velvet and other pile fabrics I know of in English! Published by Crompton , once the best pile fabric mill in the USA

For training in traditional velvet design, look into Lisio in Florence, Italy.

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If anyone knows of a good source for information on weaving velvets, I would appreciate hearing from you.  I'm looking more for information about designing for industry and looms that weave face-to-face velvet, but will take any leads available. 

Thanks in advance.

Cate Buchanan

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