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Sheila Carey

I normally get into my Yahoo group by going to the url  That takes me to a page that has a “login” button near the top.  From there I can get in using my login ID (not my email) and password.

That used to take me to a page where I could click on “my groups” to select the group I wanted to see.  Today I ended up at the news page that the “visit your groups” takes us to.    I was about to log out and clicked on the icon with my ID and found that I could get to the groups page.  I'm sorry , I’m not sure now how I got there.  Lots of clicking around!

Once in groups I found that in Weave Tech I could see the list of files, but didn't find Janet’s.  I could only see the last three messages.  There was an error when I clicked on “see all” and it would not load the photos.

I still have two other - not very active - Yahoo groups and I could see all of the files there.

In other words Yahoo is being a PITA.  I'm also in a group that has migrated to and we are very happy with it.

Sheila Carey
Courtenay. BC

On Thu, Oct 4, 2018, 5:05 PM Dawn Talbot dawn@... [WeaveTech] <WeaveTech@...> wrote:

I am trying to see the PDF Janet Stollnitz posted into the Weavetech Yahoo groups folder.
I am not able to get into Weavetech on Yahoo.
All the Weavetech postings have been coming to my email box for the past several months so I know I am a registered user.

How can I access the pdf?

Dawn Talbot
92 Moncur St
The Church
Woollahra, NSW
Australia 2025
04 2202 7370

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