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Courage! The weave in the picture – black ground with  and spectum colored ends - was done in 8/2 unmercerised cotton.
The distortion cannot be shown in the drawdown.
I hope to see the finished cloth soon.

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Subject: RE: [WeaveTech] Question for Erica de Ruiter re: Weaving on 3 Shafts

...ahhhh....wet finishing !!

The little sample I tried did not have the V/tulip shape, but you are
correct...wet finishing changes the shapes.

When I get this piece off the loom, will report back.

Louise in NorCal


> HI Louise....
> Wild coincidence....I was just reading this very page and put the draft
> into
> my weaving software. The treadle is pictured to the left of the image on
> the page that shows the woven cloth. The draft does not look precisely
> like
> the fabric, but I am sure the fabric would look like the photo after wet
> finishing.
> Best,
> Su Butler
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