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Margaret Welch

I hope you don't.  I go to hosted forums once in a blue moon--it's just too much trouble logging in all the time. Most of the time I forget the passwords, then forget the forum exists. Now I get WeaveTech with my mail effortlessly.  I'd hate to change.  And I'll never go to Google if I can help it..  Margaret Welch  megwelch@...

On Jul 28, 2017, at 3:15 PM, amyfibre@... [WeaveTech] wrote:


Hi all, 

Pam Rathmell, a longtime member of WeaveTech, has made a proposal to me that I wish to share with all of you to get your feedback. 

Simply stated, Pam is suggesting that we could move WeaveTech from Yahoogroups to a hosted forum set-up.  
This would mean that WeaveTech would be hosted on its own website. The forum could contain message threads organized by topic. For those who are familiar with Weavolution or Ravelry, it would be similar to the forums/discussion threads hosted there. But it would be only forums, without all the other features of those sites. 

Rather than all messages being sent to you individually, or lumped together chronologically into a daily digest, you could either log on to the forum site and review ongoing discussions, or you could set up notifications. Each user can choose whether to be notified of any new posting in any forum, or of new replies to his/her posting, or of replies to any topic. Notification is by email, and the user can choose either a simple notification, or the entire text of the new reply or topic.

Other benefits include: no ads, not dependent on the whims of Yahoo, photos can be included in messages and easier/better organization (ie. specific topics would have their own 'home') making searching for previously posted information easier.

Before going into any more detail, I would like to get a general sense of whether the members of WeaveTech are interested in pursuing this further and, importantly, willing to tolerate the upheaval such a change would entail.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you,
Amy Norris
Admin, WeaveTech

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