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Erica de Ruiter <ederuiter@...>

Thank you, Harma,
I am looking forward to what will happen next.
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Op 12 jul. 2017 om 09:14 heeft Harma Piening Harma@... [WeaveTech] <WeaveTech@...> het volgende geschreven:


I didn't receive the March/April number, but got great service in the end. At first I got two mails "I am forwarding your request to the Subscriptions Department for further assistance.  They will be in contact as soon as possible.", then a mail survey about how a rated the customer service. This made me a bit angry, which probably showed in my next mail. After that I got a response from a Deborah . . . with an address check and the promise she would send not only the missing March/April issue, but just in case, also the Mai/June issue!! I got them within a week, even before I saw any announcements that the Mai/June issue should arrive soon.

For me in the Netherlands delivery and costumer service improved considerably since RR Donnelley took over and I'll send Erica the contact info for Deborah in a private mail.


On 2017-07-11 22:25, Erica de Ruiter ederuiter@... [WeaveTech] wrote:
What is the task off  customer service e-mail? I assumed give service and solve the problem of a not received issue.

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Op 11 jul. 2017 om 15:57 heeft Deb devocjr@... [WeaveTech] <WeaveTech@...> het volgende geschreven:


A year or so ago, I didn’t receive an issue.  I telephoned them and they sent an issue to me.


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Did any of you ever send messages to customer service about not receiving the april/june issue and NEVER get any reply?

I subcribe unntill cThe sept/october number as the address sticker sais.

Erica de Ruiter, Malden The Netherlands






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