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I have this problem/dilemma too ! 
Samples in all kind of yarns, measures and colors.
Once I did a shopping bag of yeans fabric with apliqued (spelling?) little houses: ' my village' .

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Randall Darwall's partner did quilts with his bits and pieces.

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I am forcing myself to not only reorganize and cull my studio of yarns and equipment but also to decide what to do with samples. After 40 years I have accumulated bags of samples! The best ones, of the ones I actually decide to weave, I put into a record book, but there are all the trials and errors that have occurred prior to that. If they are really bad, I throw them away, but many are just alternates that I might do some day. Needless-to-say, it seems I never get around to that as there is always something new and exciting to try out. I am having a hard time parting with these bags of samples and trying to decide what to do with them. I would be interested in what others do. Do you toss them as you go along in time? Do you save them and use them directly in something, like pieced items? Do you donate them to someone or an organization that uses them for some purpose? Or like me, do you just hang on to them with the id ea that someday you might use them for something? It would be interesting to know.


Linda Davis

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