Kathleen Stevens

Darlene has a point.  I learned early on that customers gladly pay more for a scarf to wear around their necks than some small item (towel?) for the kitchen.  Also, the weaver can easily advertise their woven works by wearing them.  A towel just doesn’t do it wrapped around a neck.  My specialties were rugs-----can’t very well walk around wearing one of those either.  That is why I had a separate studio and wove mainly for the interior design trade.  I did very well financially and finally retired after 45 years in the business. 

Perhaps we should all be happy for the weaver who does very well selling her towels and tapes at good cost----I certainly am happy for her.  Weaving is very labor intensive and expensive and even if you weave and sell some higher priced items, it doesn’t mean the total income is life supporting.  A few towels on her lovely web site sold----but how many will sell over the course of a year or two?  When I think of all the work involved with producing exceptional products, running a business, and being able to live off that income over the years----I’m totally amazed I had that energy.  

 I think it is even more difficult today due to higher costs in raw materials, transportation costs, and cost of living.  All the best to weavers out there who are making the business work.  I’m now retired and maybe, just maybe, I might weave a towel or two.


Kathleen in Indiana

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