Re: We're not charging enough...

Sara von Tresckow

You know, as do all here, that in today’s press world, such vulgar and aggressive presentations are the norm – that wasn’t meant for any one person – just an observation. I’ve run a successful business for 10 years now without needing to resort to those tactics, nor have I ever taken a business loan – the only grant was $200 toward a $400 plywood sign that still hangs over our door. I know that everyone says that this American style PR is necessary, but I think my example says it is not.
I was raised to not ask exorbitant money for shoddy work and to provide customers with a decent price/performance ratio.
Those “side costs” arguments, if not augmented by trying to produce economically, are just begging for people to pay for your time playing.
Sara von Tresckow, Fond du Lac, WI
Author of “When a Single Harness Simply Isn’t Enough” Dutch Master Loom/Spinning Chairs/Öxabäck Looms, visit us in Fond du Lac or contact us about your weaving/spinning needs

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