Re: Washing Machine

Margaret Welch

All top loaders can be paused and opened.  Mine is high efficiency, though it uses a little more water than the front loaders.  What’s harder to find, and I did, was one that has a warm water rinse.  Almost all washers only rinse with cold.  Meg

On Jan 23, 2016, at 4:57 PM, Virginia Lee vlknits@... [WeaveTech] <WeaveTech@...> wrote:

When I moved into my new house, it came with an older front-loading washing machine. I had to leave my wonderful old top loader behind. Well, I simply MUST get a new washer that lets me control the amount of fulling I get. Once my machine starts, the door locks and I can't check things. Can anyone recommend a model that will allow me to stop the agitation and check my fabrics? I also like to fill a machine and then put wool sweaters in to soak, but that may be asking too much. I hope someone out there has discovered a machine that works for fiber people.

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