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I read somewhere that someone used an old golf bag for this purpose. I have
some reeds in an umbrella stand.
I think that you could make a box very easily and then drill holes on both sides an inch from the top and another series about 1 inch from the bottom and insert a dowel in each pair of holes. I would make the box fairly tall if all the reeds were long with three rows of dowels. Or staggered heights if there are different lengths of reeds.

I once saw a shallow box about 1 ft square with a 4x4" post about 3.5 ft high in the center. Wooden dowels were inserted into the post near the top, and reeds rested against the dowels and the lip of the shallow box. It seemed there was not enough support to stop the reeds from sagging in the middle.

How about a Sona tube, those cardboard tubes that they use to cast footings for porches. You can get 8 or 9 inch diameter tubes, cut them at various lengths and fasten them together to hold long and short reeds. As long as there are 3 of them, they should be stable. You can paint them as well.

All dimensions are approximate and from dim memories <G>
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