Re: Convergence, marketplace

Jayne F

The New England Guilds applied years ago to host convergence (i guess when it was differently managed.) 
I wasn't a guild member at the time but I believe that no reply was ever made to the application.

As President of the New England Weavers Seminar (NEWS) at that time (1993) I would like to set out the facts correctly. The NEWS Board of Trustees was approached by a New England vendor who desired that the NEWS guilds back a proposal to bring Convergence to Providence. Board members took the idea to their guilds for feedback. I also researched the proposal, having long telephone conversations with Vancouver organizers and with HGA. At the next NEWS board meeting we voted and chose not to pursue the proposal. At that time Convergence was huge and one of the main concerns was how the effort for Convergence would affect our regional conference in the prior and following years.

Jayne Flanagan

See you at Convergence later today!

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