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Claudia Spaulding

Mary and Marg,

You couldn't have said it better.  

The New England Guilds applied years ago to host convergence (i guess when it was differently managed.) 
I wasn't a guild member at the time but I believe that no reply was ever made to the application.

I am a board member on the CT guild (one of the biggest guilds in New England) and also a volunteer at NEWS, the New England Weavers Seminar.  When we heard that Providence, RI was picked, we were surprised.  Then HGA leadership came to NEWS, informing us of the Providence location and looking for volunteers from the New England Guilds to help out.

Shouldn't it have been done a different way?  Come to New England and ask all the New England guilds if we would be interested in hosting Convergence in Providence.  Convergence hasn't been on the East Coast for a long while.  I think the answer would have been a YES!  Volunteer support would have been much more available

I think that with more input and help of the host guild(s), Convergence would be much more well managed, better attended and have more vendors. What I think should happen is that HGA's Complexity event should be organized like the Olympics.  Have an application process where guilds in the USA apply to host the guilds with the details including location site, availability of volunteer support. etc...  And do this way in advance.  I think that the host city for Convergence 2016 should have been picked already (and maybe it has - I don't know) and announced at Convergence 2014.  Members of the host guilds for the next convergence should be here and working along side the present 2014 Convergence staff

With that said, I'm at Convergence (my first)  and thoroughly enjoying it.  Can't wait for the vendors to arrive. The president of Convergence, Suanne, and her staff are doing a great job in the present framework of putting on Convergence.  

Claudia S.

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