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Dear Sandy,
I read your message with great interest, claiming  that I was the one who developed the structure and technique.
I am delighted to read your efforts in weaving this technique.
 Did you put up your project after Marjolyn Van der Wel's  article in Complex Weavers' Journal?
The description there was very clear.
I can not  interpret the contrast between your warp and weft yarn, but you saw already that the color and/or saturation contrast must be almost maximal, as the difference in warp and weft dominance is really minimal.
Also take care your motifs are robust to show off well.
I hope you will keep us informed about your efforts and in provide us in the end with pictures.

Erica de Ruiter,
 Malden, The Netherlands

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Op 30 mrt. 2014 om 21:20 heeft "Sandaidh" <sandaidh@...> het volgende geschreven:


It's been a while since I asked about the subject, so I thought I'd update.

I finally got a warp on the 8 shaft Inca for the project - 20/2 cotton, 40
epi, 15 inches wide and 3 yds long. The warp is a light blue (aqua on the
cone label) with 2 inch wide borders of a darker blue (Falk blue on the cone
label). Both cones were purchased from Robin & Russ long, long ago. My
weft is the darker, Falk blue.

Warp went on fine, no problems. Threaded shafts 1, 2 and 3 of the 8 on the
loom. Wove 4 shots and then hemstitched. That was a minor hitch as I'd
forgotten how to hemstitch because I haven't done it in so long. But it did
come back after a little bit. I guess it just took the doing to remind me.
Then I wove about 4 inches of a 2/1 twill before realizing that it should
have been 1/2. Duh. I've been away from the loom too long. After the 4
inches, I switched and wove about 4 more inches of 1/2 twill. Then I pinned
the cartoon to the woven part of the warp.

The cartoon is of some kind of small leaves "copied" from the pattern on a
decorative pillow in my living room. I didn't use the vine/stem part of the
pattern, just the leaves. I drew the cartoon on a piece of Reynolds Freezer

At this point, I've done about 8 to 10 inches of the design.

Thoughts -
My color choices might have been better with more contrast between the light
and dark. While there is a good contrast between the aqua and falk blue,
the pattern is coming out pretty subtle. Something to put on the "try this
next" list.

It's not fast, although it's not as slow as anticipated once into the rhythm
of the weaving. Fortunately, it doesn't take too long to catch onto that

Not something to do with less than optimum lighting. Even with bright
daylight coming through the window, I ended up turning on the overhead
light. A lot of that is likely due to the "not the best" lighting set up I
have in the room, and my older eyesight but I would still want a good,
bright light to work under.

Heh. My glasses have to be "set" in 'granny' mode - half-way down my nose -
in order to see the warp well enough to do the pick up.

I'm noticing some small tensioning differences when I advance the warp.
Hopefully, these will even out when the piece is wet finished. They'll also
probably vanish with practice, just as they did when I first began weaving.

I'm curious to see the underside, but haven't got enough woven to be around
the breast beam yet.

I'll post pictures when I make them.


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