Louise K

I just saw a free e-book in weaving today by by Marjorie Erickson. It was Huck Windows Dish Towels in Linen and Lace. she used a double hemstitch and then sewed a hem. I can't seem to get my mind around it. it said:
Hemstitch over the last weft pick, encircling 5 warp threads in each stitch. Open the next shed and insert a 1⁄16" dowel. Leaving a tail of weft at least three times as long as the width of the warp, change sheds
and weave 11 additional shots of plain weave with yellow. Slightly loosen the tension on the warp and pull out the dowel. Thread the tail in a needle and hemstitch over the first weft row of the 11, again
encircling 5 warp threads per group. Weave the body of the towel following Figure 1; end with the same steps for the dowel.

I don't understand why the hemstitching and then hand sewing a hem?

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