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My first reaction would be: could it be in the sleying, multiple ends -threaded on the same shaft so rising and sinking in the same way without a dent of the reed in between? I expperienced tthis in whenweaving the 'Moorman technique'
Is your structure 'turned taquete?
Just a thought.
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Op 21 jan. 2013 om 04:58 heeft Tien Chiu <tienchiu@...> het volgende geschreven:

Hi all,

I just started weaving my second sample warp of a phoenix pattern, and
am seeing something odd happening on the left side of the sample. I'm
getting vertical lines in the sections where the pattern warp is on
bottom - see
for a photo. You can see pretty clearly that the left side has
vertical striations and the right side does not.

The sample is still on the loom, so I don't know yet if the marks will
wash out. Could they be reed marks? I have it sett at 72 epi, 4/dent
in an 18-dent reed. The sequence in each dent is (n,2,n,1) where n is
the two pattern shafts and 2, 1 are the tie-downs.

I checked the threading in the affected areas and it appears to be
fine, ditto the denting. Even more confusingly, the lines seem to
appear and disappear in the woven cloth, so I'm really not sure what
is happening.

Any thoughts?

(Stats on sample: 120/2 silk ground warp, 60/2 silk pattern warp, sett
at 72 epi, structure is turned S&W. Weft in the bottom section of the
photo is black 120/2 silk and in top it's a bright scarlet silk tram,
roughly the same weight as 120/2 silk.)


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