Re: Shuttle Conversion

william koepp <bgkoe@...>

I have a couple of fly shuttles that I would like to convert for hand use
I did that, I filed the tips to the radius of a pea (grinder works too)
then smoothed the tips with steel wool.
I made some pirns : I took a piece of aluminum tubing that fit the rod,
cut it
so it was about as long as the pirn rod, or one inch from the
tensioner, whichever is longer. I wrapped string around one end to make a
CONE shape, rubbing in
white glue. When dry, apply more glue to fill in low spots. To use the
pirns,I start winding slowly
at the big end of the cone, reach the narrow end, then go back uphill
faster and start again.
They are a heavy shuttle but I prefer a heavier shuttle. They also won't
hold as much wool weft unless you use a fine weft.

Bill & Gaye Koepp

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