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william koepp <bgkoe@...>

If it has metal caps on the ends it's not hard:

Just about any reed can be shortened; the older reeds with metal end caps
are the
easiest, just pry out the little nails and save them then remove the
end caps and the end bar of one end of the reed, use a fine toothed
hack saw to cut the reed to the new length (not too short see the next
sentence), pull out a few blades from
the reed to make room for the end bar then replace the end caps, end
bar & nails and you're done. Save any leftover short reed pieces for
someone building a tension box.
A newer modern reed may have plastic end caps, so they have to be cut
off and material removed from inside the caps, then after the reed is
shortened the caps have to be glued back in place.
An old stainless steel powerloom reed probably has no end caps and is
tougher to cut, but a good fine toothed hack saw and a few more minutes
will do it.
Have fun!

Bill & Gaye Koepp

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