Re: physics and CM looms

WilliamK <bgkoe@...>

For those interested in Countermarch looms or looms in general, there are three texts which can be found on used book sites that speak of the CM loom in detail: Fanin, Tovey and Zielinski.


"Handloom Weaving Technology", by Allen Fannin ; ISBN 0-442-22370-6 & rev. ISBN 1-55821-612-X

"The Technique of Weaving" by John Tovey, -1965, ISBN 0-684-14322-4.

"Master Weaver" series, by Stanley A. Zielinski ; pub. by Leclerc Looms, see volume 2, "All About Looms".

(Zielinski shows sketches of eight different CM loom systems.)

Bill Koepp

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