Re: physics and CM looms

WilliamK <bgkoe@...>

Could you describe the Countermarch design for us? Does the loom have short and long lamms or are all of the lamms the same length? If you have long & short lamms are the short lamms tied to sink the shafts? Are the lamms all on one axle (fulcrum) or on two axles? If two axles are they both mounted on the same side of the loom frame or on opposite sides?
Does the loom run the cords up through the center of the warp or do the cords run up the sides of the loom frame?
Does the warp at rest run through the top of the heddle eyes or the center or near the bottom of the heddle eyes?
When a shed is fully open is the treadle then touching the floor?

Thank you for your patience, there are several types of CM looms.

Bill Koepp

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