Re: physics and CM looms

william koepp <bgkoe@...>

I probably used the wrong term, unbalanced to me means when one shaft has
treadles/lamms attached to it so that it has more weight and hangs lower.
This may make one of the shed movements have more effort. This has
happened with our loom and so to compensate I would use an extra treadle
tied to the
opposite lamm; if there were no treadles available a temporary
treadle can be hooked up or a simple weight used.

I set a reed so the shed floor when opened is down flat to the shuttle
race (if there is one), I
prefer a beater with a race, just my preference and it
usually prevents a shuttle from diving through a warp to crash on the
treadles, which can inflict some shuttle damage.

Have fun!

Bill & Gaye Koepp in California

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