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Hi Holly,

Well if your warp is well centered in the reed at rest, then some cord
adjustments should be made; I did my final adjustments with all pins or
locks off and the warp under weaving tension so I could see exactly what
was going on during the treadling.
It's hard to figure without seeing a loom, but if the loom & bench fit
you, you should be able to press any treadle down very close to the floor
to get the maximum shed that the loom design allows (without clashing
lamms or treadles together). Once you've determined what the full shed
measures then go back to redo any errant sheds. In a CM loom any one
adjustment may cause two other adjustments to change but don't be alarmed,
I think you'll soon know how to get it all in symphony.
There is a difference in any shaft travel going from shaft 1 to shaft 12
or 16, as the rear shafts must travel farther vertically than the front
shafts, so be prepared to see that, it's called a differential shed,
Fannin talks about that on page 62.

Handloom Weaving Technology", by Allen Fannin ; ISBN 0-442-22370-6 & rev.
ISBN 1-55821-612-X

Hope this is a small bit of help.

Bill & Gaye Koepp

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