Re: physics and CM looms

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I always had the warp touch the bottom of the reed dents when the sheds
are opened. I like a flat floor to the shed, so the shuttles doesn't drop
Adjusting -
Check that the warp is in the middle of the reed dents at the rest
position, press a treadle until the shed just touches the bottom of the
reed dents, hold that pose and look under at the lamms. The lamms should
be touching or almost touching the treadles and the shafts; the lower
lamms either almost touch the treadles or they almost touch the upper
lamms. The upper lamms almost touch the lower lamms or they almost touch
the shafts. The treadle will not be touching the carpet. If there's a one
or two inch space between any of the lamm points, you've lost some shed
movement there, so retie the cords a bit to eliminate that space then do
the test again. Press every treadle to check every shed.
There's not much room under the shafts of a CM loom considering all that
goes on under there, so all of the space should be utilized.
CM looms with only one set of lamms can do the same; watch the lamm ends
to see if there's wasted space when the shed is just touching the bottom
of the reed dents, check that the treadle isn't touching the carpet.
One adjustment is to check that the upper jack levers are properly set at
the rest position. Some CM require that the horizontal coupers be set at
an upward angle at rest. I like the vertical jack levers (coupers) myself.

Bill & Gaye Koepp

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