Re: weaving on the G! creaking

Holly Shaltz <holly@...>

Thanks, Kati, for suggesting paraffin - got out an old candle and rubbed a bit in the groove the beater hangs from and voila! no more noise. In fact, it's a remarkably quiet loom altogether. The lamms and treadles clatter a bit with a sort of wooden chime sound - probably due to my inexperience with tying up and treadling a CM loom as much as anything. And of course, the warp sticks make quite a racket as they fall, since they're landing on wood instead of carpet like with my Schacht. I may decide to put a piece of padded cloth there - would double as a cushion to sit on while tying up :)

For those who are interested, my husband made a handle extension for the cloth beam's advance wheel out of a piece of PVC pipe. It works pretty well - have to take my feet off the treadles still, but don't have to scoot over on the bench. I've been advancing about every 20 picks, which is about 1 1/4 inch, as I get used to this beater - need practice for an even beat.

I do have to remove the handle extension each time I use it, because otherwise the beater hits it when the handle is near vertical. But that just means an excuse to make a new basket to hang on the end of the bench :) It is odd there's just no place to put tools on this loom, not even my hanging doubleweave shuttle and tool holder, though the bench's seat is certainly long enough to hold lots of stuff, as long as it doesn't fall off when moving it to get up from weaving.

Biggest issue with advancing the warp is that I'm having to lift *up* - pushing down would be much easier, but OTOH, might interfere with the beater more, or be more difficult to put the handle extender on. On my next project I might switch the wheel with the one for the second warp beam, and try winding the cloth in the opposite direction. With the knee beam to direct the cloth out of the way of the weaver, that wouldn't be a problem as near as I can tell. If I like the results, might buy a new wheel for the second warp beam, or just go back to the usual one on the cloth beam when using the second warp beam.


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