Re: weaving on the G! creaking

Bill Koepp <bgkoe@...>

use Paraffin, NOT beeswax as a lube.

Quite true. Paraffin, candle wax or canning wax is a good way to
reduce friction, I use beeswax on wood screws only because it sticks
better on the steel threads and I also use beeswax on cords that rub
on something. I keep chunks of both waxes in my tool box.
To remove old wax use turpentine outside, because of the fumes.
Waxes are good for wooden objects, they won't drip onto the carpet or
hold moisture, they stay where they were used, don't stain the wood
and they fill the tiny cracks.

Talcum powder is good for reducing friction too. Soap is to be
avoided as it attracts and holds moisture,
it can promote rust or swell wood parts.

Bill & Gaye Koepp in California

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