Re: Has anyone woven with Habu's uber-fine linen?

Janis Saunders

On 8/11/2012 8:59 AM, Jeane deCoster wrote:

Hi Tien,
Takako at Habu is a weaver by trade and prefers to weave very fine cloth
(in the 100 epi range). So, asking her directly about your intended use
of the yarn will yield you a very educated answer. The only suggestion
I'd make is to email her instead of calling as she's often on the road
and you really want an answer from her and not one of her staff.

By the way, if you have access to old Handwovens (80's or 90's?) there's
a very nice article from Takako about "weaving air" or some such thing.
I was house sitting for a friend with no cable tv and entertained myself
going through her old weaving magazines but can't (for the life of me)
remember which issue the article was in.


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