Re: Weaving Southwest

Diane de Souza

Just a minor correct- this is off the facebook page for La Lana Wools.

La Lana Wools
You're the first to hear it, folks - La Lana's creator, Luisa Gelenter, the phenomenal wizardress of the natural dye world, has declared...
"I'm ready to retire."

Yes, it's true. La Lana Wools will be closing its doors on Feb. 29th. For the entire month, ALL our yarns & fiber, plus books, notions, wearables, and rugs - up to 50% OFF! ...Once it's gone - it's gone.

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The owner of LaLana Yarns, Louisa Gintner (if memory serves), is retiring. Valentina Devine reported at a recent meeting that Louisa is interested in selling her stock to "the trade." Going out of business sales to the general public will come later.

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