Re: differential dyeing (double-dyeing mixed cellulose/protein fiber fabrics with)

Diane de Souza

I've worked with this technique in the natural dye world which has different effects because of the mordants. Historically, there is a fabric called linsey woolsey. It seems like Constance LaLena worked with this a lot but I may be misremembering.


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Hey all,

I've started experimenting with a new technique that combines weaving
with dyeing. I'm working with fabric that is woven with tencel
(cellulose) warp and alpaca (protein) weft, and dyeing it twice - once
with fiber-reactive and once with acid dyes. The fiber-reactive dyes
only dye the tencel, the acid dyes only dye the alpaca, producing some
very interesting results that I've blogged about here: and

So far I've been playing around in the crudest of ways - big blobs of
color mostly - but hope to combine this method with silkscreening,
stencils, and lots of other dye techniques as well as different weave
structures. I'm extremely excited by the interaction between the dye
colors and the woven pattern - lots of possibilities there! - and am
working on figuring out the "rules" behind designing something
aesthetically interesting by combining weaving with dyeing.

Does anyone know who else is working with this technique? I can't
imagine that I'm the only one who's thought this up, and would love to
chat with anyone else who has explored this arena.

Bonus points if anyone can tell me the proper name for this technique.
I've been calling it "differential dyeing" for lack of a better


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