Looms with Low Profile


No disloyalty to AVL but the low profile of the megado
>will not intrude on the wonderful panoramic view we have on 2 sides
>of this medium-large sized LR- DR.


Barbara - or anyone? - could you give us more information about this
loom? It's a name I'm not at all familiar with. I, too, am concerned
about the "view obstruction". I went to great lengths when we built
our house, to have a view into the refuge woods beyond, from my
studio. At this point, my dear old Norwood jack loom doesn't
interfere, but eventually, I plan to purchase another (lusting for the
"walking" Rio Grande Cadillac Loom, am I) but am resisting the high
profile designs. To clarify: it's not a dobby, or many shafts I would
need - 8, in my case, but information/experience from others about
resources for low profile looms would be greatly appreciated.
(Come to think of it, are there low profile CM or CB looms????)

Kris in Alaska

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