Re: gathering info about studios

Robin Burk <studio@...>

I'm not sure a novice hobby weaver like me has a 'studio' ;-) but ...

When we moved to this older house last Fall I took the small front parlor
for weaving, 11' x 15', carpeted. Two windows with northern exposure and
two with western (and good blinds). Bookcases along the inside 15' wall,
some of which I use for yarn etc. in plastic tubs, some of which hold parts
of our regular library. The 45" 8s CM Leclerc Nilus II sits towards the
western end of the room and nearby is an adjustable table for sewing,
spreading warps in the raddle, etc. Also a small rolling table which
sits next to the bench when I'm working. The room also holds an armchair
and floor lamp for reading, a carved chest which holds fabrics and my sewing
box, an overhead light fixture supplemented with wall-mounted fluorescents
containing full-spectrum tubes and an Ott floor lamp for close-up work.

I've been considering upgrading to a 12s Scandinavian loom w/ drawloom
attachment but haven't worked out the space issues yet. Other things on my
wish list include sectional warping equipment. I currently use a 20 yd
vertical warping mill. I've found that one of the folding tables I use for
grooming my show dogs holds the mill at a good height for warping and the
non-skid top is helpful too, so I just bring that up from the grooming room
when needed. I'd also like a good stand for holding my reeds, warping
sticks, raddles and rolled corrugated paper etc. I wish someone would offer
these on order in North America.

For what it's worth! ;-)


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