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We are in the delightful situation of remodeling a 2 bedroom apartment as our full time abode in San Diego. I have said from the beginning that my (new) Megado loom would be in the LR. No disloyalty to AVL but the low profile of the megado will not intrude on the wonderful panoramic view we have on 2 sides of this medium-large sized LR- DR. My husbands desk, built into one of the 2 walls of bookshelves, a long dining table,and a small sitting area are the only other furniture we plan here. The second bedroom is being fitted out with utilitarian cabinets and drawers on 3 sides for the messier part of my activities. Visitors? We'll put them up nearby.

I shall have to check where we are putting outlets... some I know are waist high. Good suggestion.

Barbara Nathans, who is mentally transfering things from plastic bins on Long Island to real drawers and cabinets in California......

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