Re: WeaveTech, Weavolution = great resources

RBlau <ruthblau@...>

once my emails are read it's over to Weavolution to check
out the forums. I'm hopeful that once people get used to it that there
will be meaningful conversations there
I've been a great supporter of the Weavolution concept since Claudia & Tien first started talking about it. I'm a Weavolution member now, but I have to admit that I find it clunky and difficult to use. I've also been a Ravelry member for about 18 months, and I guess part of what I'm saying is that Weavolution doesn't come close to the ease of use I've found in Ravelry. OTOH, Ravelry is a much more mature product, so I guess I need to give Weavolution a chance.


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