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Ingrid Boesel <ingrid@...>

We built a studio onto the back of the house about 12 years ago. It is 16 by 20 with a hall, and downstairs bathroom nest to it.
The locks wall has 4 big windows, and a garden door, which leads out to a deck.
The view is great.

The room has pot lights 4 along the edges of room and 6 quartz halogen fixtures in two tracks in the middle.

There are 3 floor to ceiling Ikea shelves to hold yarns and one utility table, one computer card and stool and my Megado loom. All kinds of bit and pieces scattered all over, and then a huge U shaped office desk with back support chair. This is where I do all the computer work, the writing and the mailing of Fiberworks programs. My books are on another Ikea shelf in the dining room and then upstairs in built in shelves. I got rid of all the other looms. Only one left

Oh yea! I got a haberdashery cupboard a number of years ago with 27 glass fronted drawers and 3 large ones at the bottom. This big furniture piece sits in one side of the studio and hold shuttles, bobbins, loom tools, sewing tools and LOTS of beads. One of the best additions to the studio I ever chanced onto.

Anyway I love my studio and spend about 10 hours a day here <G>
Ingrid Boesel, the weaving half of Fiberworks PCW

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