Re: Cameras

Louisa Chadwick <damselfly@...>

I also have a Nikon CoolPix but it's a 990 (a bit newer than Lynn's). It's a
great camera, fairly simple to use with a lot of flexibility. Expensive
though! Unfortunately, I've had one big problem that neither my DH and I nor
Nikon has been able to solve -- I can't get the pictures off onto my PC
using the camera's USB cable. The software won't work with my computer
(crashed it good!) and my USB port. All the dealer will say is that Nikon's
specs are non-standard and they won't fix the problem. They let slip that
lots of people have the same problem but not everybody. Their attitude was
"Too bad". Phooey! Luckily we're a 2-computer household so we have a
"workaround". My DH takes the CompactFlash card out of the camera and
inserts it in his Mac laptop, removes the pictures onto his hard drive,
saves them to Zip disk and passes me the Zip so I can load the pictures onto
my computer. Whew! Sounds complicated but it actually only takes a few
minutes. Of course not everybody will have the option to do this so I would
test that the camera works with your computer system. Make sure you have the
option to return it if it doesn't! To be fair, I haven't heard that any
other brand has had this problem.

One last comment on digital cameras: mine goes through NiMH AA batteries
like crazy. Get rechargable ones -- they're expensive and need a special
recharger but they're worth it. And keep a spare set or 2 on hand and fully
charged. We also have a spare CompactFlash card (like having another roll of
film!) in the camera case.

Louisa (who likes being able to delete lousy shots, play with the pictures,
and keep developing chemicals out of the environment!)

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