Re: Heat -shrinking caps for cordage

Patricia Townsend <pattytownsend@...>

--- Bill Koepp <> wrote:
It can be shrunk
with a heat gun, a
strong hair dryer or caressing it with a hot
soldering iron tip; wear eye
protection always ! Once shrunk, it is on
permanently. It takes a bit of
practice to make the tubing behave but after a few
melted pieces I got along
with it fine for electronic wiring stuff. NOTE :
I've never tried it on
cotton, wool or poly strands, so I can't really
recommend it for that.
One of my high school students has just finished some
tablet woven shoelaces (5/2 perle cotton). So we are
going to see if this works with either a heat gun or a
blow dryer. Thanks, Bill!

Patricia Townsend

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