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Bill Koepp <bgkoe@...>

Should the rear shafts be raised higher than the ones in front?
Yes, to get a perfect shed the shafts must move differentially, each a bit
more than the neighbor.
Differential Shedding is
the adjustment for the perfect shed - The shaft farthest from the weaver
lift higher and sink lower than the shaft closest to the weaver; the rest
of the shafts step down in line, so the warp is in perfect alignment.
For a more complete explanation of differential shedding, with
illustrations, see:
³Handloom Weaving Technology², by Allen Fannin - 1979, ISBN 0-442-22370-6 ,
³The Technique of Weaving² by John Tovey, -1965, ISBN 0-684-14322-4.
They're a couple of my favorite books.

Happy Shuttling ! - Bill Koepp in Central California

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