Re: Introduction & questions

Laura Fry <laurafry@...>

To answer two of your questions - I think you need to figure
out what the maximum number of ends and width of your warp
would be. I, too, have run out of heddles mid-project, but
was fortunate my supplier had them in stock and was willing
to run to Greyhound and ship them overnight. :) I have at
least 3000 heddles, probably more. But then I do things like
60 epi. Not often, but often enough!

I did upgrade from the manual to compu dobby. I would not
go back, unless absolutely had to. My neck was suffering
from having to peg long chains. It is so much nicer to be
able to design long, sometimes non repeating chains, and then
to quickly change once that item (scarf, afghan, length of
yardage, whatever) was complete.

OTOH, I have the Compu-Dobby I and Peter keeps telling me I'm
living on borrowed time and antique equipment......

Laura Fry
who has, but is not yet willing to give up the manual dobby
parts just in case the compu-dobby dies

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