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Hey all,

I was getting back into weaving after a long hiatus. I have the Schacht 8H
loom with compudobby. The software I used was WeaveIt 3.0. I was thinking
to upgrade to the latest and realize the newest version is not compatible
with the compudobby. Per the software manufacturer, she suggested creating
the warp in 4.0 and se 3.0 to control my loom.

Since this would be the case I thought it was a good time to examine which
software I was using and why. Can you tell me what software you use and how
you like it? Anyone else have the Schacht with compudobby and what software
do you use and prefer.

Since I am at this crossroad, it is a good time to look at the whole picture
before I move forward in any direction and would love to hear your comments.


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